Our Partnership with Dogs for Autism

DfA Feb 2021 5 27Canine Life Co. is dedicated to helping improve the health of our wonderful and beautiful dogs, we also recognise how our canine friends can be such a significant help to our own human health. At the very basic level bringing us all better emotional health – through the joy of our loving relationships and physical health benefits through our shared exercise and all the goodness that brings us.

For over two hundred years we have also developed our understanding of how our dogs can be wonderful and unique providers of special care, assistance, and healing when we live with various health conditions and challenges. Very close to our hearts is the human challenge of Autism, a condition that affects how we communicate and interact with the world. With over 1 in every hundred people being on the autism spectrum, many of us have friends, relatives and even close family living with these challenges. The challenges are not just for the autistic person but are also for their loved ones especially parents and siblings, where incredible pressure, stress and anxiety can completely devastate a normal family home.

A wonderful and often miraculous aid in this situation can be an Autism Assistance Dog, first developed in the 1990’s but now an accepted and proven way to help mitigate any negative effects of autism through trained interventions and unconditional friendship. We are proud to support and partner with Dogs for Autism, a leading UK charity at the forefront of training, supplying and improving the use of dogs for assistance with Autism.

For ourselves, we feel that there is no better way than the natural human-dog relationship to help support autistic people and their families.

Sadly, for each of the dogs they can currently provide, the charity receives hundreds of enquiries for their help. We hope you will join us in providing support of both income and awareness of this great charity and help them reach more people who will benefit from Dogs For Autism.

Thank You
The Canine Life Directors & Team

What you can do to help

Buy Our Enhanced Joint Supplement for Senior dogs

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With every purchase £1 goes direct to Dogs for Autism, with no deductions – that’s a promise. Help your dog’s health and help enable more dogs to help those with these special but often disabling challenges.

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Current Dogs for Autism news

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Grand Opening of The Doghouse with Patron Chris Packham

New training centre

On this summer Dogs for Autism marked a momentous occasion with the opening of our new training centre, The Doghouse. Chris Packham, patron of our charity, renowned naturalist and television presenter, officially unveiled the plaque to open the new Dogs for Autism training centre with CEO, Hilary Armour.

The opening of the new training centre means that we can offer the best possible training for our assistance dogs in a modern, safe and high-spec environment.

Donate directly to DfA

Just £5 will buy a toy for our puppies in training, as it takes up to £5000 to fund an assistance puppy with all equipment at the start of its unique training. Please give generously to help dogs improve the lives of so many.

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£5 will buy a toy for our puppies in training

£10 will buy training treats for one dog

£15 will provide monthly flea and worm treatment for one dog

£20 will buy a family training session

£40 will buy a new jacket for our growing pups

If you’re feeling ambitious…

£25,000 will pay for a dogs training!