Canine Life Co. Partnership & Support for Dogs for Autism.

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Canine life co. a leading supplier of dog supplements in the UK, are very proud to announce
their partnership with Dogs for Autism, the only charity who supply trained assistance dogs
at no charge to autistic people of any age.

Donating £1 per product sale on selected bestselling products, the company is giving away
part of its own profit to support such a worthy cause. It is hoped through this exciting
partnership that many dog owners across the nation will both learn of Dogs for Autism and
its work – and be happy to know that their choice of supplements for their own loved dogs is
helping generate income for the charity, which in turn will help even more people gain
access to assistance dogs.

Kevin Higgs co-founder and director of Canine Life Co. Commented, “As a leading product
brand dedicated to the health and wellbeing of all dogs, it is a real joy and privilege to now
be supporting such a great cause that goes beyond just a dog’s health but touches upon
improving human health and wellbeing as well. We all know the joy and emotions that we
gain with our own dogs so to see this being used in such a therapeutic way is brilliant. We
hope our customers will join us with their own support for this great cause.”

Hilary Armour, CEO of Dogs for Autism, added “we are delighted to work with Canine Life
Co. whose high-quality dog supplements already help thousands of dog owners to see better
health in their own dogs. To now have Canine Life Co.’s customer base introduced to our
charity and our work is fantastic – plus by simply buying any of their senior products they will
be directly contributing to our ability to reach and help many more deserving people with our
Assistance dogs.”

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